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  • Frank Rodick: Everything Will Be Forgotten

    by Ashley Johnson, Vie des Arts, 2015

    From noted arts writer Ashley Johnson, "Rodick has exposed himself personally in this totally uncompromising work that accepts the blame and perhaps even revels in the potential censure." Article available in print from, no. 239, Summer 2015.

  • Interview with Frank Rodick

    by Emese Krunák-Hajagos,, 2015

    Emese Krunák-Hajagos, publisher and writer for, talks to Frank Rodick about his latest work, how it's interpreted and the controversy in Russia, and how he lives with his pictures. Read the interview.

  • A Conversation with Frank Rodick: On Pickles and Pixels

    by Nancy Brokaw, 2015

    Frank Rodick and arts writer Nancy Brokaw discuss the shift to digital and what it means to photography and creative process. Read article.

  • Liquid Cities (alt take)

    published by AkinaBooks, 2014

    By popular request, AkinaBooks is proud to present LIQUID CITIES, an alternative take on the sold-out visceral and deranged Of Liquid Cities and Celestial Abattoirs by Frank Rodick. For more information and to buy the book, see here.

  • This Great Misfortune

    by Nancy Brokaw, 2013

    Nancy Brokaw writes about Frank Rodick's series I Live There Now and the Frances Rodick diptychs. Read article.

  • Of Taboos, Love, Death and Redemption

    An interview with Frank Rodick, 2013

    Frank Rodick discusses his work with the publishers of AkinaBooks Go to interview.

  • Of Liquid Cities and Celestial Abattoirs

    published by AkinaBooks, 2013

    A monographic handmade booklet, printed and hand-sewn in a limited edition of 100. Described as a "wordless novel" and based on Frank Rodick's work from Liquid City, Arena, and Faithless Grottoes. Published by AkinaBooks in the UK. See more about the book including how to purchase here.

  • The McKinney Avenue Contemporary—Frank Rodick in conversation with Katherine Ware.

    Video by Richard Serrano and Art This Week, 2013

    Curator Katherine Ware and Frank Rodick discuss his work at a public talk in the context of the Labyrinth of Desire exhibition, which Ms. Ware curated. In three parts. Go to video.

  • Uncharted Frontiers: An interview with photographer Frank Rodick

    by M. M. Adjarian, Arts + Culture, 2013

    M. M. Adjarian interviews Frank Rodick for Arts + Culture Magazine. See article.

  • Frank Rodick

    by Darren Campion, 2012

    In this companion to his main site, Darren Campion discusses Frank Rodick's 2012 work. Go to article.

  • Masquerade

    by Karl E. Johnson, EYEMAZING Winter 2011

    In this article published in EYEMAZING Magazine, Karl Johnson examines Frank Rodick's 2011 series of female nudes, entitled Masquerade. Go to article.

  • Labyrinth of Desire: Work by Frank Rodick

     by Katherine Ware, 2010

    Katherine Ware's comprehensive essay on Frank Rodick's work from 1991 to 2010, this was the text for the catalogue that accompanied the 2010 exhibition of the same name. Go to essay.

  • Frank Rodick

     by Clayton Maxwell, Eyemazing Magazine, 2010

    Clayton Maxwell discusses the Arena and Revisitations series in Eyemazing the outstanding photographic art magazine . Go to article.

  • From the Interior: Frank Rodick

     by Darren Campion, The Incoherent Light, 2010

    By Darren Campion, writer of the blog The Incoherent Light, a discussion of Rodick's work along with an interview. In two parts. Go to article.

  • The Charnel House and the Peep Show

     by Nancy Brokaw, Image World, 2010

    Arts writer Nancy Brokaw analyzes Frank Rodick's Revisitations work in her blog Image World. She compares the piece Uncovering, no. 1 (horse in barbed wire) to works as diverse as those by Duchamps and photographs from the American Civil War. Go to article.

  • A Ruthless Voyeurism

     by Nancy Brokaw, Image World, 2009

    Nancy Brokaw discusses "voyeurism and the ethics of looking," examining Rodick's Faithless Grottoes in the context of work by Vermeer and Antonioni. Go to article.

  • Curatorial statement from the Discoveries Exhibition, FotoFest 2006

    by Katherine Ware, 2006

    Then Curator of Photographs at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Katherine Ware discusses her selection of Frank Rodick's work for the Discoveries Exhibition of the FotoFest biennial in 2006. Go to statement.

  • Curatorial statement from Three Constructions of the Image

    by Don Snyder and Melodie Ng, Ryerson University, 2006

    Dean of Ryerson's School of Image Arts, Don Snyder and artist Melodie Ng write about Faithless Grottoes in their curatorial statement for the 2006 exhibition. See excerpted text.

  • Sex, Death and Videotape

    by Nancy Brokaw, The Photo Review, 2006

    In this piece Brokaw writes a detailed analysis of Rodick's Arena. Go to article.

  • The Longest Night

    by Marcia Mercadante, 2006

    Curator of the 2006 exhibition of Rodick's work, The Longest Night, Marcia Mercadante writes about Faithless Grottoes and Arena. Read text.

  • Life's Lacuna: The Vanishing Pleasure Dome

    by Robert Black, 2005.

    Photographic artist and poet Robert Black writes about Arena. Read article.

  • Arena

    by Juan Travnik, 2005.

    Juan Travnik—artist, curator, and director of FotoGaleria in Buenos Aires—wrote the essay for this catalogue for Rodick's 2005 exhibition in Argentina. See catalogue.

  • An Indominatable Quest for Life As It Is

    by Alina Tortosa, 2003

    Poet , curator, and critic Alina Tortosa writes about Frank Rodick's work for the Buenos Aires Herald. Read article.

  • Liquid City

    by Stephen Perloff, 2000

    Stephen Perloff, founder and editor of The Photo Review, writes about Frank Rodick's first body of work. Read article.

  • On Wanting to See, the Invisible Jury, and Small Red Boxes: Notes on Making My Father's Portrait (2016)

    When I look at these six images I see different things. I see the human face of time and its juxtapositions, that what looks and feels like a long life is a cipher. I see what looks like a man’s destiny and feels like a tragedy, emerging from a life left in more ways than one. I see a boy, a man, looking, for something. I wanted to see, he said. But what? Frank Rodick discusses the story behind making his father's portraits. Go to blog post.

  • 97532: Memento Mori (2015)

    Frank Rodick talks about the night his mother died, the pictures that came out of that night, and why he called them 97532. Read here.

  • Everything Will Be Forgotten

    Frank Rodick discusses his first self-portraits in this blog piece, written June 2014.

  • Statement for Frank Rodick: Faces, Flesh, and Other Hallucinations, exhibition at Kirk Hopper Fine Arts, 2014

    Beginning with a question from filmmaker Michael Haneke, Frank Rodick discussed his work. Read statement.

  • The Frances Rodick Portraits, 2012

    At the request of curator Irina Chmyreva, Frank Rodick wrote this statement for his 2012 exhibition Faces Interred in Russia. Read statement.

  • Words and Pictures: "You Must you must console me"

    In this blog piece, Rodick writes about his use of text and titles, and how a 1929 German novel found its way into his work. See article.

  • Why I Love This Piece: S.A. Bachman's "Untitled"

    In his first blog piece, Rodick wrote about how a particular piece of work, a polyptych by the artist S.A. Bachman, affected him and his work. See article.

  • The Best Love Letter Ever

    Read this blog post to find out how one artist gave another the ultimate compliment.

  • On Making Art and Feeling like Shit

    Inspired by Karl Ove Knausgård, Frank Rodick talks about the process behind making art. Chosen by WordPress for their "Freshly Pressed" feature as an editor's choice. Go to blog post.

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