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This Great Misfortune

With their air of cultured decay, the three images that make up I live there now serve as an elegy to the dream of an enlightened world. And more: like Poe’s short fictions, they lay bare the wreckage of a psyche: the interior (room) as a projection of the interior (soul). Tracing the decay of his father’s library, Rodick exposes the lie we tell ourselves about the edifice of civilization. (Nancy Brokaw)  

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Of Taboos, Love, Death, and Redemption

...yes, you do have to risk looking utterly weak, undignified, ugly, childish, hopeless, pretentious, stupid, whatever. I’m not saying that’s what happens and it’s certainly not what you’re looking to make happen. It’s okay to be afraid, but you can’t be cautious and hope to come up with anything interesting.  

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