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Notes to My Younger Self From the Artist Careening Into His Dotage, Grace Unknown

Dear Frank,

Your elder self is charging into winter. To be more exact, it’s the hours that charge forward; I follow, slower and less certain. When the time comes, you’ll find me less a comet and more like Riley, the chocolate Lab Retriever who lives next door. Grey-muzzled and slightly stiff, she still — charmingly, to me — strains at the leash when pointed towards the park, splendour and lavatory calling like sirens.

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Everything Will Be Forgotten

A couple of years after finding the photos of my mother, I found more old photographs—small beaten up prints. They show me as a child, maybe four years old, standing naked in a bathtub. My father—it must have been my father—had taken them over half a century ago.  

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