Faithless Grottoes

2006-2009 (selected works)

In 2006, I incorporated digital imaging into my practice, reaping the slightly dizzying bounty of that technology. New possibilities for scale, colour, and nuances of manipulation were now available to me and from all that came the Faithless Grottoes works. But I stuck with the original stills I’d made years earlier as my starting points. They’d become like totems for me, imbued with a an intimate magic I felt bound to.... Through it all, the human figure remained the uncontested reference point. To this day there's nothing, for me, so devastatingly expressive as the human face and body, no visual element—in all its iterations and transformations—more capable of piercing and splaying open the human heart, at least this one. Of course, there were many other elements injected into these tableaux—the surface detailing, the melding of foreground with background and subject, the bending of form and colouration—and these acted as supporting agents and accelerants. But the core setting for this work remained the same: those dark cathedrals of inner life, their architecture mapped out by patience, desperation, and delirium—all of it titrated through the human form.

— Frank Rodick, in his essay on the fifteen works that make up Faithless Grottoes as well as the earlier Arena pictures of 2002-2005. 

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