Revisitations / I live there now

2010-2012 (selected works)

Comprising five and three works respectively, these two series share the same mode of presentation: vibrantly reflective small-scale images, installed in unique wooden cases handcrafted specially for each picture. The images are constructed from Frank Rodick's descent into his family archives—materials compiled over more than a half century, largely through his parents' used and antiquarian book business. In this mountain of books, documents, and photographs, he found pictures from sources as diverse as antiwar propaganda of the First Great War, early pornography, and historical materials based on the events that defined his parents' deepest experiences, in particular World War II and the Holocaust. These were also the images that demarcated Rodick's early life, personal totems he discovered during secretive childhood wanderings. Returning to them after decades—an experience as much physical as psychological—released a surge of memories, associations, and sensations. The result was a set of intimate, tactile works that speak to the potency of conflict, pain, and remembrance. For more detailed artist's statements, see the essays on Revisitations and I live there now.

See the I live there now series.